From Angle bars, Pipes to I-Beams. You can roll them to the radius that you need with us. With a wide range of structural rolling machines, we can provide almost any steel forming service you need, all in one place. Structural Rolling is used for various applications such as:
  • Underground piping
  • Tunnel reinforcements
  • Tank reinforcements
Armed with 5 Structural Rolling Machines, we are able to roll up to 220mm outer diameter for pipes and 150mm x 150mm for I-Beams. Aside from rolling, some of our clients may request us to perform other value added services such as drilling and punching on the same structure, saving them time, effort and money.

To learn more about Metal Rolling and Bending, you can download our Article here: What You Need to Know about Steel Rolling and Bending.pdf

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Our full range of machineries is able to form your materials into your desired dimensions and shape. With strict adherence to our ISO procedures, you can be assured of quality service from us every time.



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