Stainless Steel Projects are usually highly customized to your needs, and reliability is a main concern.

To cater to your needs and concerns, we not only have specialists working on your Fabrication needs. We also equip our specialists with laser cutting, bending, rolling, and other machines and services ensure your project is carried out smoothly.

Aside from work with small and thin materials for your Stainless Steel Projects, you can also engage us for Fabrication which involves thicker Stainless Steel Plates and bigger Materials. Our Laser Cutting Machine can cut Stainless Steel Plates up to 20mm, and Plasma Cutting Machine is prepared to cut Stainless Steel Plates over 20mm thick for your bigger projects.

Some of our works includes:

    Stainless Steel Swimming Pools (MBS Infinity Pool)
  • Tanks
  • Cylinders
  • Industrial Strainers
  • Military Equipment

With our many value adding services under one roof, we are able to offer much convenience and cost savings to our clients.

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Our full range of machineries is able to form your materials into your desired dimensions and shape. With strict adherence to our ISO procedures, you can be assured of quality service from us every time.



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